Cube World seemed to mesh the two in such a way so as to bring together the procedurally generated worlds of Minecraft along with the world destruction and mesh them with the questing and adventuring aspects of Zelda. It was able to achieve all of this while still only being a few weeks into the development cycle. Amazing to say the least.Unfortunately there was still a lot about the game we didnt know like whether or not Minecraft and Zelda were inspirations when the game was supposed to get released or even what the planned distribution channel was for the game.Luckily the games developer Wolfram von Funck got a hold of me to answer a few questions. EnjoyCan you explain a little bit about yourself as a game developer and what youve done previouslyIm 32 years old live in Germany and have programmed games and engines half of my life. Besides that Im also interested in drawing and digital art. I have studied computer science and after receiving my PhD I started my own small graphics software company ( Game programming is still my hobby and Cube World is my first serious game project.Your game Cube World looks remarkably like a Minecraft/Zelda hybrid. Was this your intention What was your inspiration behind the gameMaking a hybrid of those games wasnt my intention from the beginning but the idea developed over time. Both Minecraft and Zelda were definitely big inspirations for me.What I like about Minecraft is the fact that a procedurally generated world made up of cubes allows a single developer to create a full 3D game with a huge world to explore. You dont even need level editors modeling software or a team of artists. Furthermore programming a game engine based on voxels is by far easier than a full-blown 3D engine like CryEngine or UnrealEngine at the cost of realism which brings me to the next inspirations I love games like Zelda Landstalker Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy. As a child Ive always dreamt of making such a game by myself. So the next step for Cube World was to translate the typical JRPG pixel art style (big head spiky hair etc.) into the world of voxels. Thats what I did and a Minecraft/Zelda baby came out of itHow long has Cube World been in development forI started the project this year on May 25. I was captivated by the project right from the start so it reached a rather mature state already after a few weeks (including some sleepless nights).What sort of gameplay are you planning for Cube World Questing Crafting RPG elementsId like to put a strong emphasis on questing so theres always something meaningful to do. As the world is procedurally generated the quests will be procedurally generated too. This saves me from scripting hundreds of quests and the players get new tasks all the time. Another focus should be the exploration of the Cube World as well as character advancement in the typical RPG style by skills and equipment. Combat is planned to be HacknSlash-like and fast-paced. There will be no crafting or mining.The game seems to already be set up for multiplayer. Are you planningon this being primarily a multiplayer gameI have built in multiplayer right from the start to avoid complications in the future development. I see the game as both single player and multiplayer game.This might be a little ways off but have you thought about how youre going to release/distribute the game Are you thinking about a similar process as Minecraft where players bought the Alpha versionI dont have any concrete plans yet. I cant even estimate when the game will be finished. However the Steam platform seems attractive to me.Anything else you can think of to tell usI had never expected such a huge feedback for my little game project. It all started over at TIGForums ( where I just intended to share my project with other indie developers to get feedback and inspirations from like-minded people. I recommend it to other indie developers you get lots of constructive critique there.Well be keeping close tabs on this game in the future as it develops.

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