EpicDuel is a free-to-play action game with a futuristic setting. The massively multiplayer online game runs through your browser and puts players in the role of powerful, determined and brave fighters. The game features turn-based combat, allowing you to continue your combative saga on your own terms. Once you have created an account, you can start designing your mighty EpicDuel warrior. Master your skills and outsmart your opponents to rise to the top of the game. EpicDuel is set in the world of Delta V – a futuristic place full of opportunities, mysteries and adventures. Using an interactive map, players are able to locate in-game 'hot spots' which is where the core excitement and action can be found. As well as exploring these hot spots and taking on your opponents in the free-to-play browser game EpicDuel, players also have the chance to interact with NPCs and network with other players from all parts of the world. NPCs are helpful and it is advantageous to interact with them. NPCs in the online game EpicDuel assist by healing your character, selling useful items and weaponry and offering small tips and hints along the way. The more you experience, the more the rich storyline will unfold, giving you further insight into the game history. There are two distinct game modes in the online game – a 2 vs 2 match or a 1 vs 1 duel. Players can either pre-select an opponent or offer to play a 'surprise match' against an unknown challenger. Join the challenges and fast-paced action in the browser based game EpicDuel.

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