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Lord of Ultima is a free-to-play strategy MMOG completely playable from any web browser. Players begin their journey with a humble village based in the vast world of Ultima, which they must grow and expand into a thriving empire. This is done through rigorous construction, exploration of new territories and forging a powerful army. The browser game Lord of Ultima is rich in features, and enables players to embark on various quests, interact with other players, forge alliances, participate in epic PvE and PvP combat, and plunder dangerous dungeons. There are over 27 different building types you can construct in your empire in the online game Lord of Ultima, including a town hall, cottage, quarry, hideout, marketplace, harbor, stonemason, foundry and more. You will need to accrue points and ascend various levels before you can construct all of these dwellings. In the strategic MMOG Lord of Ultima there are multitudes of ways in which you can display your combative skills. Players can launch attacks on enemy cities, scout the plains of Ultima, participate in boss raids with your alliances, explore the dark dungeons and siege their opponent’s castles. There are also several quests in which the true strength and skill of your character will be tested including recruitment, dungeon, progress, war, trade, alliance, special and referral quests. Each of these will bring you special rewards, new skills, and invaluable in-game experience. Your goal is to defeat your enemies and become one of the strongest empires of the land, in your bid to become Lord of Ultima.

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