EdgeWorld is a modern sci-fi Facebook city building game that is published by Kabam behind Samurai Dynasty, Global Warfare. The game puts in stage the relentless war between the Ceruleans and the Galactic Union that is allied by three major factions including Maar Condederacy, Erazi Syndicate and the Helio Legion. Set in the intergalactic warfare theme, it is characterized with real-time strategic gameplay, in which you take up the role of Commander of Cerulea in charge of base-building and military action. And is now also available on Facebook !We invented a Cheat Engine that allows us to use UNLIMITED RESOURCES , which becomes very helpful on the long run. We all know, gathering resources is what makes us wait. But this issue is no more. we proudly present the EdgeWorld Cheat Engine v1.0 !


  •  Works on Crystal, Energy, Coins, Uranium & Platinum.
  •  Works perfect Globally! No matter where you are.
  •  Works on ALL internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera…etc)
  •  Undetectable (100% GUARANTEE).
  •  Tested on daily basis to ensure it’s functionality.
  •  Easy to use. Simply click hack and you are done.
  •  If the hack is patched, UPDATE will be done within 24 hours
  •  The MOST stable hack ever created on net! Run as many times as you wish without a no error.

How to:
1) Download the File and unzip it
2) Start the Application and enter your Data & choose the browser you are using (avail. IE, FireFox, GoogleChrome, Safari and Opera)
3) Insert amount of Resources you wanna produce & Hit the Start – Button

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