Dragonvale is nice Little game it was originally built for iOS platform. You can download it for free and play it on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. We build little Dragonvale hack tool and you can get unlimited gems,gold and treats. Dragonvale hack tool have simple, and easy to use interface. It’s so easy even a child could use it. You can download Dragonvale hack tool by clicking the Download Button below.

Nobody wants to spend real money on a free game, it's free for a reason, right? 
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1.Download DragonVale Hack tools from here.

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Dragonvale Hack Tool Gems – Treats – Coins


More and more people required us hack for Dragonvale. Now we responded to users requests so we have just released Dragonvale Hack Download Gems – Treats – Coins. 
As you know is very hard to get gems in game because you can get it by gift. You can’t get a gift if you sent another gift. This hack will make your work more easy because you can generate with Dragonvale Hack tool unlimited amounts of gems, treats or coins. IS simple to use, thanks to our designers the interface of hack is clean and easy to use. The hack was coding by a proffesional team by hackers and programmers withexperience over 10 years.
I will put bellow a screenshot where you can see the hack. Now i will explain to you how hack works:
After you downloaded it, start the hack, in left side as you see are 3 options: Gems, Treats and Coins, for instance you want to get gems so you select ‘Gems’, insert number of gems you want to get, in right side you un must to add your user id and that’s it, then you have to hit Start button.
Bellow you can see the screenshot of hack.



And here's a little extra for you.. FROM THE EXPERTS!

The economizer method

As you may know.. 400 dragons is a lot to deal with. Well with this method, it can be cut down to a mere 150 dragons and if you play your cards right you wont even need to sell any of them. For this method, you will need at least 2 Panlong dragons to start with. With 50 Panlong dragons raised to their max level, they alone can account for 200/400 dragons. This may not be appealing due to the Panlong's long incubation time, it can save money down the road. After that, the 4 other elements are: Plant, Lightning, Cold, and Metal. Take your pick on which 2 hybrids to breed i.e. Lichen and magnetic or cactus and mine. That will cover all of your dragons required for breeding but so you don't have to sell any, here's a breakdown of the habitats. 13 large air/water/fire for panlong, 13 large for either metal/plant hybrids and 3 for either rare or other hybrids.


  • Long time to complete
  • Most cost-effective method
  • Better for people going from silver-gold
  • Not as effective of bronze-silver but can save food if performed this way
  • To not have to sell dragons afterwards, upgrade the hibernation cave. (for every 50 dragons you level up to 10, that equates to about 500 000 food [10 000 x 50] which is 25 000 000 dragoncash saved!)
  • If the metal dragons had NOT been released and the bloom was released as normal bloom and panlong could've gotten 7 shrines up with only 100 dragons but the metal showed up and crashed the party

Doubling up method

For speed

One of the fastest (if not the fastest) ways to get the shrines up are: rust, sandstorm, poison and storm. Doing it this way may make it harder to keep up with food demand though. With this method you pretty much pick 4 different hybrids and repeatedly breed them. This can cut that big 400 in half and is what most people use.


  • Stick to the same hybrids for best results
  • Try not to pair water, metal, or air together for maximum profit
  • Try to find pairings with lower breeding times
  • Personal advice: If you have 2 Sandstorm, Blue Fire or Frostfire dragons, pair them up for their rather generous selling prices
  • Stick to your original pairings for maximum effectiveness
  • Better for bronze- silver
  • Not as effective for silver- gold but can work
  • Breed whatever and just get it done
  • Breed ALL the dragons!


  • Not for people who are on a budget
  • Unless you either hack or just pay lots of money into this game, do not use this method
  • So long as you breed hybrids every time your number will be less than 400 but greater than 200.

General notes

  • Do not make this your Holy Bible for shrines, it’s not perfect.
  • If you have any suggestions or comments, I'll be more than happy to take your requests into consideration
  • This is from a level 30 perspective, if these don't appeal to you, that's 3 methods less you have to plan about
  • The more dragons you save instead of sell, the less food you have to grow afterwards
  • Don't be afraid to upgrade your hibernation cave
  • The econimizer method is only a theory I came up with and I crunched all the numbers in my head so there may be some minor innacuracies

Happy breeding everyone!


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