This is a quick tutorial on how to mod Grand Theft Auto IV on the ps3. It almost identical to the Xbox360....This has been confirmed by many members but a lot have also stated it does not work. as of right now INTERNAL DRIVE WILL GIVE INFINITE BOOT LOAD...When I get home today my plan is to try to fix this problem and see what it is and give an update on it.Delete ALL updates if you want this to work.You need these fileshttp// (make a backup)Located in GAMEZGame_IDPS3_GAMEUSRDIRNow open up OpenIV.exeopen Common.rpfYou should now see three folders. click on the data folder and scroll all the way down to weaponinfo.xml.right click and extract.Now open IV Needle.exeand click on weapon editor.Now click on load and select weaponinfo.xmlclick on the scroll down bar for weapon type and select DEAGLE.we are now going to change the Fire type and the Damage Type.change fire type to PROJECTILEand change Damage type to EXPLOSIVENow select the Projectile tabChange Type to Create to ROCKETyou can save or make different changes.Go back to OpenIV.exe and open common.rpf and go back to weaponinfo.xml and right click and replace.Go back to where you see the three folders and this time select the folder TEXT.Delete all the languages EXCEPT your own. I will delete all the ones except American.gxt. since my game is in American. apparently not English.(we delete the unneeded languages because the file cannot be bigger than the original or the game will not work.)Click on File then click Rebuild and hit yesOnce it is done rebuilding you may now put the common.rpf file back into the game.Now just start the game and checkout your new mods. D D D DThe first and foremost alternative is GTA IV Control Center which can be found here LinkNow if you are not already all aware...Games for Windows Live is a big problem for games of our PC generation. It does anti-debugging constant memory checks from xlive.dll (in system32 that any game feeds of off) and also protects game variables (health..ammo etc) protection in addition to any security the game makers themselves have implemented in this case Rockstar Games.So in order to counteract these there are called XLive Wrappers that are placed in [for now we will stick to GTA IV terms] the GTA IV directory. The primary functions of these wrappers arePros-removed all anti-debugger checks-all game variables are made unprotected and can be accessed and changed by the trainers control centers and other tools-enabled write access to memory in code and .rdata segments (no need to call VirtualProtect from a .asi)-Savefile check removed (can be used to enable savefile link and then delete xlive.dll modified later on so the game sees someone else save as yours).Cons-Disables Multiplayer- Not always stable.Now ...not many like the Cons so there are things called ASI loadersPros-Allows for use of GTA IV C Script hook to discover game variables that are hidden in game functions and allows for execution of in-game commands than using an external trainer to change them (more unstable with trainer).-Different from Wrappers in that it only utilizes single-player commands that are not the same in multiplayer main reason why these dont DISABLE multiplayerCons-Does NOT disable in-game debugging of the system --because the system recognizes itself that executed the commands and not a trainer.--Do not allow for direct modification of code as game protects for that - Courtesy of Rick from XLive Wrapper.Now that you know the types of tools used to hack / make trainers for GTA IV on Games for Windows Live.. time to get to know some I have personally tested.GTA IV Control Center Link - Works great..but it needs XLive wrapper--so disables Multiplayer right from singleplayer game even though the main program has nothing to do with multiplayer.GTA IV Simple Native Trainer Link - The best trainer out so far after DualCores trainer bit the dust. Allows for various options from weather to teleport to car colors to gravity to weapons unlimited ammo save on the go etc. Compatible with Requires a ASI loader.In-Game Trainer Link - Works well with any ASI loader.Should use ASI loader XLive Wrapper (built in) Liveless XLive Wrapper (Built in) or simply this one by Alexander Blade (separate loader) Link - I recommend Alex one. Liveless does a lot of changes with directories (eek).Thats it. Hopefully this helped you understand a lot about Windows Live and how this generation of PC games that use live function and how the modding works in general with ASI loaders/wrappers at least for GTA IV. Other games sometimes work just as is with trainers doing direct modification and theres no need for a wrapper or loader as the trainers can disable XLIVE protection.

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