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Hay Day is a totally new farming experience with smooth gestural controls lovingly handcrafted for your iPad or iPhone.Get back to nature and experience the peaceful simple life of working the land and rearing chickens pigs cows and sheep.Make a name for yourself by harvesting crops and building bakeries sugar mills and dairies that turn your fresh produce into wholesome goods you can trade with your friends at your very own Farmers Market. FEATURES FREE TO PLAY Produce delicious food using natural ingredients from your very own farm Buy and sell your healthy farm-fresh produce at the Farmers Market Play and trade with your friends on Game Center and Facebook Easy fun touch gestures that mimic real farming activities Raise and care for funny farm animals with quirky personalities Build processing facilities like a sugar mill or a loom Work the land and improve your farm with different tools Beautiful animations and sounds. Your farm really feels alive Retina optimized for the new iPad Features- Hay Day Diamonds Hack Free- Cheat Free and Unlimited Coins- Hay Day Items Hack (Unlock Items plus extras)- Auto XP Level UpWorking and updated for your Ipad Iphone and Ipod devices. With so many farming type games available on the app store Hay Day promises to be the best with a variety of swipe gestural controls. This is why we give you the Hay Day Hack Download absolutely for free No more asking how to hack or cheat the app game Hay Day. Also included are exclusive and new guides and tips and tricks to make your gaming experience a lot easier. We offer Cydia or even No Jailbreak cheats and hacks on Hay Day working and updated often for Ipad Iphone and Ipod. Other things we have included is a Hay Day Diamonds Hack this is the only tool available and safe to use that will get you unlimited diamonds in the game. Dont Forget to also be on the look out for the Hay Day Coins Cheat loaded with proxy support features and anti ban support. This is a just releasted newest working Hay Day Free Cheats Download for apple store with no surveys or jailbreak required new for 2012 season. Below are some of the exciting features and specs included with your free download for Hay Day Hacks.

Few Useful Tips.. FROM THE EXPERTS!

Mining for diamonds:

1) Zoom into mine

2) Leave game

3) Turn on airplane mode

4) Back to farm

5) Mine with shovel 2-5 times

If you don't get any diamonds. STAY in the game until the disconnect appears.. Then leave game and hard close it. Turn airplane mode off. And you still have all your shovels, so you can try for diamonds again. Once you get the diamond and you want to KEEP IT, you HAVE to go BACK to settings and QUICKLY turn off airplane mode before the disconnect appears. Also, you have to work in small quick batches.. Mine 3-5 times and stop to wait for disconnect.. OR go to settings to turn off airplane and save the games progress. Yes, it works with TNT and dynamite. But they don't harvest as many minerals. So it may take longer to get a diamond.


1) Zoom in to Tom

2) Then leave game

3) Turn airplane mode on

4) Back to game

5) Send Tom for your item

If Tom returns with 7-8 items and you want 9. WAIT in game until disconnect appears. Leave and hard close game. Turn off airplane mode in settings. Tom will still be standing and ready to send out again. If he comes back with 9 things, you have to get to settings and turn airplane off before the disconnect.

Mystery Boxes:

If you spend diamonds to open treasure chests and you DON'T WANT the item it unlocks. Don't COLLECT IT. Leave the game and hard close. You get your diamonds BACK And can try again.

How to delete a follower who isn't playing anymore:

1) Go to their farm and follow them

2) then leave the game, 

3) hard close it by double tapping the home button and tapping the - hay day app

4) then go back and UNFOLLOW

if they aren't playing anymore, then POOF GONE

The Mystery Box is behind my house and I can't get it:

Tap on the twinkling lights that float will open.

How do I get rid of the FROGS:

Purchase a pond and drag the pond over to where the frogs are...they will jump in


Most players you will encounter here will highly recommend getting your dock repaired as soon as you are able.  Don't wait for any machines!  The longer you wait, the higher level you will be, therefore, you will have more higher-level items needed for your crates!

IMPORTANT FACT #1: In order to achieve Captain III (as well as the first two awards,) you MUST fill ALL CRATES in all boats until the award is achieved.  You cannot let a boat sail without filling...or you'll be starting over.

IMPORTANT FACT #2:  Your boats will WAIT for you to open your game.  In other words, if you know your boat is arriving at the dock in 4 hours, but you will be at work soon afterward, DON'T OPEN YOUR GAME!  Likewise, if you know your boat will arrive 15 minutes before you go to sleep... DON'T OPEN YOUR GAME!  Let the game stay closed, because your boat will wait up-river until you do, even after its designated arrival time.  You will have a set number of hours to completely fill all crates, and you don't want to open your boat until you KNOW you'll have some time to work on them. 


We typically let any sugar, cream or syrup boats sail, without filling their crates.  Once you've hit your Captain III, you can (and should) do this, too.  Those items are always in demand to produce OTHER items, and while people will want to help you, it's difficult to part with them.  Of course, there are always exceptions.

Lot more is available on Special Requests.


Hay Day iPhone Time to manage your own farm

Time to manage your own farm

Hay Day iPhone Bake your own bread

Bake your own bread

Hay Day iPhone Trade with neighbours

Trade with neighbours

Hay Day iPhone Shopping farm style

Shopping farm style

Hay Day iPhone Hayday intro

Hayday intro


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