Mytheon is a 3D action MMORPG that plays similarly to other action MMORPGs like Warrior Epic. Much of the game world is broken down into two different types of areas instanced areas and player hubs . Like Guild Wars towns exist in a persistent world where players can interact with each other while adventuring areas outside of town are individually instanced. Even with heavy use of instancing the high quality graphics and gameplay give Mytheon a persistent world feel. Mytheon s three playable classes are Warcaster - Warcasters are a melee oriented class with some supportive capabilities. They have high hitpoints and armor making them the most ideal tank in the game. Warcasters make heavy use of companions and are considered the easiest class to play. Their appearance is that of a Greek soldier.Elementalist - Elementalists are the primary spell casting and damage dealing class in Mytheon. They rely less on companions and more on powerful elemental spells. Elementalists are considered the more advanced class and are dressed in Greek robes.Eidolon Eidolons are a mix between Warcasters and Elementalists. They can play the supportive role of a healer an aggressive damage dealer or strike a balance between the two. They wear Egyptian clothes and are considered the intermediate class.

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